Finding Joy in Chaos

“Welcome to OUR home. We love kids, animals, plants and even you. Just come on in!” Five-year old Daniel is leaping off the fourth stair wearing his black cape, a purple Batman sweatshirt and his 'Mountie' hat. Three-year old Rebecca carries a huge, old purse stuffed with cut pieces of paper and fake money and… Continue reading Finding Joy in Chaos


The Flu While Flying Solo

A writing, soul sister who I met on Blogher, jokingly started  this poem by rewriting one of my articles . She chopped out all the flub words from a prose short story. I was swept up in the spirit of revision and kept writing. inerertoldher  writes at thegirls . I could feel my body relax As I curled…… Continue reading The Flu While Flying Solo

Coming Around Full Circle

When an acquaintance interviewed me three years ago for a newspaper article to run on Mother’s Day, I saw myself through the eyes of an outsider for the first time. It was almost mind-boggling to admit to her that I had spent 18 years pregnant and/or nursing babies.When she asked me if I ever regretted not using… Continue reading Coming Around Full Circle

Inspire Me Monday :Me? A Mother of Nine9?

  By all outward appearances, I am a rather old-fashioned sort of woman. Yet, I was the least likely candidate to have a lot of children because I had never even held a baby before my first-born. You would think having nine children (yes, nine!) would have turned me into a frazzled wreck with a figure like the…… Continue reading Inspire Me Monday :Me? A Mother of Nine9?

I Am a Conundrum

Not everyone is called to have a large family but not everyone is called to be a career woman or single or a working mother. For some reason my lifestyle pushes people’s buttons; perhaps they think that I am a self-righteous fanatic or that I am condemning certain lifestyle’s or choices but this is simply…… Continue reading I Am a Conundrum

“My God! How Did She Get Herself Into That Mess?”

I am conundrum. A rather outmoded sort of woman, ridiculed by modern career women, vilified by the earth’s prophets of doom and sanctified by the religious right. I was the least likely candidate to have a lot of children.I mean, I had never even held a baby before my first born.You would think having nine…… Continue reading “My God! How Did She Get Herself Into That Mess?”

Morning Mayhem

When my ninth child was born, every one was fourteen and under. That meant that everything, even ordinary tasks became huge productions. Just to feed, clothe and house the eleven members of our family required energy, stamina and organization.  Everyone had to co-operate because after dinner, dishes, kitchen clean-up, homework and homework help, lunches, bath time, story time and bedtime all begged for…… Continue reading Morning Mayhem