What Ingredients Are Mothers Made Of?

Feature image by Brian Kershisnik | Painting From Life How about a little taste of eight-year-old reasoning to act as a reality check to balance all those manipulative commercials and sentimental Mother’s Day cards flooding the market as we get closer to Mother’s day? A warning. The following true comments are not politically correct. So simply laugh and…… Continue reading  What Ingredients Are Mothers Made Of?

“*&%%#!” or Ignore the Bad and Praise the Good

Experience taught me that the easiest and most effective way to influence my children was to ignore negative behaviour and to praise good behaviour. For example, if I didn’t react to swear words, my children soon forgot about them because our family didn’t usually swear. We had few other kids who lived near us because…… Continue reading “*&%%#!” or Ignore the Bad and Praise the Good