False Images of Love

Do you find yourself waiting secretly for your knight in shining armour to whisk you off your feet so you can live happily ever after? Or for a wonderful woman to lift off your depression and sense of aimlessness? Although we laugh at such ridiculous fantasies as the stuff of naïve, lovesick teenagers, we all must face…… Continue reading False Images of Love

Want a Laugh? Take a Peek Into Our House…

Come take a peek into our house a few years ago because in a family of eleven, everything is a Big Deal. . Imagine twenty-two pieces of bread lined up in two rows on the table. Each sandwich is made with a particular person in mind because I did want them to actually eat the sandwiches at… Continue reading Want a Laugh? Take a Peek Into Our House…

Removing the Masks

WORDS OF WISDOM- LAUGH AND SIMPLY BE YOURSELF “The most terrifying thing is to accept oneself completely.”― C.G. Jung, Psychiatrist “I now see how owning our story and loving ourselves through that process is the bravest thing that we will ever do.”― Brene Brown I’ve finally stopped running away from myself. Who else is there better to… Continue reading Removing the Masks

The Opposite of Love is Not Hate

Sometimes as a parent I think that I am doing what is right Instead I damage my kids despite the best of intentions. Love really has blinded m try to protect instead control, betraying trust. Control, an ugly word, worse that hate; it steals another’s sense of self, undermines confidence, stunts growth, kills the individual’s spirit…… Continue reading The Opposite of Love is Not Hate

Who Needs a Teddy Bear When You’ve Got a Teddy Baby?

A newborn can see clearly for about 8″, just far enough to focus intently on his mother’s face. It is almost as if the initiative to bond comes from the baby first, especially when I consider the fierce hand grip that they are born with. To ensure an infant is fed, he is born with an…… Continue reading Who Needs a Teddy Bear When You’ve Got a Teddy Baby?

Famous Quotes About Children

  The pursuit of truth and beauty is a sphere of activity in which we are permitted to remain children all our lives. Albert Einstein  Anonymous  “Children are great imitators. So give them something great to imitate.” Barbara Bush, former U.S. first lady” You have to love your children unselfishly.”   English proverb The soul…… Continue reading Famous Quotes About Children

The 3 Most Important Facts

If my children could  remember only three things to take with them into their adult life , what would I want them to be?  Tony Berkman at BlogCatalog asked me this question. 1.Trust that I love you and believe in you. Let that love be your foundation and your springboard into life. 2. God loves…… Continue reading The 3 Most Important Facts