Merry Christmas

Bethlehem Down “When He is King we will give Him the Kings’ gifts, Myrrh for its sweetness, and gold for a crown, Beautiful robes,” said the young girl to Joseph, Fair with her firstborn on Bethlehem Down. Bethlehem Down is full of the starlight, Winds for the spices, and stars for the gold, Mary for…… Continue reading Merry Christmas

Inspired by a Pregnant Mary

 In Greenbush, the snow is falling straight down in huge flakes, coating each branch and twig with a thick coating of snow. The snow literally absorbs sound waves and the effect is a quiet, peaceful, pure white oasis. In the middle of this deep silence, the thought popped into my mind that it is also…… Continue reading Inspired by a Pregnant Mary

God As Perceived By A Five Year Old

I was preparing dinner one afternoon, when five year old David came running up to me with a serious look on his face. He was always full of good natured energy and mischief but he also had a delightful spirituality that was not taught but inborn. Once again, David had another theological question for me, “Mum, does Mary live in my heart?”…… Continue reading God As Perceived By A Five Year Old