The Joy and Pain of Self-Publishing

 Echoes of the Divine is  my first e-book and it is free.  You can help me if you download this mini e-book and gave it a rating because if it is successful,  a publisher might consider my upcoming book. How about checking it out and giving me some honest feedback so I can learn. The…… Continue reading The Joy and Pain of Self-Publishing

Discovering the Fountain of Youth (through Mothering!)

Advertisers have tapped into a universal craving to stop the relentless ravages of time in the human body by pushing countless gimmicks to keep us youthful. These products may sometimes keep us healthy, but the secret fountain of youth is not a thing to buy but rather an attitude, an inner way of living in… Continue reading Discovering the Fountain of Youth (through Mothering!)

Humourous Vintage Paintings of Mothers and Children

When I think of a typical painting  of mothers with their children which is a hundred years old or more, I think of idealized images where everyone has a sombre expression on their faces.  Well these painters had a sense of as humour  as they capture the moments when a mother is overwhelmed by her…… Continue reading Humourous Vintage Paintings of Mothers and Children

I Am a Conundrum

Not everyone is called to have a large family but not everyone is called to be a career woman or single or a working mother. For some reason my lifestyle pushes people’s buttons; perhaps they think that I am a self-righteous fanatic or that I am condemning certain lifestyle’s or choices but this is simply…… Continue reading I Am a Conundrum

Knife in My Heart

 I stood at the sink, pain lancing my chest, sobbing silently, tears blinding me as I tackled a mound of dirty dishes. Exhaustion weighed heavy, my arms like stone. 11:00pm. I was alone, disconnected Isolated. I could almost see the knife piercing my heart. There was a name on the handle; I strained my inner…… Continue reading Knife in My Heart

Becoming a Mother Inspite of Myself

Thirty odd years ago, I never could have imagined myself as a mother. I was a 23-year old student at the University of Regina on the Canadian prairies. Having just graduated with an Honours Degree in English Literature, I considered continuing my studies as a graduate student. In fact, I didn’t foresee any changes to…… Continue reading Becoming a Mother Inspite of Myself

Family = Community

: Quad City PhotosLet little kids hold the new babyCommunity starts when even the youngest child chips in to help.When most women begin to mother, they tackle this new challenge like a new career; they see themselves as the CEO of a new company that demands all of their attention, time and energy. I too…… Continue reading Family = Community