Transformed in an Instant into a Mother

When I gave birth to my first baby, I was re-born as well. My fears of inadequacy Instantly swept aside A surge of motherly love and joy rose up within my spirit and heart. A sense of awe at the miracle of creation overwhelmed us as we examined tiny, perfectly formed fingers, nails and toes. We…… Continue reading Transformed in an Instant into a Mother

Everything is a Miracle

I have become even more aware of the miracle of birth and new life as I help one of my daughters with her 17 day old baby. The innate intelligence, personality and awareness of each, tiny newborn never fails to astound me. “There are only two ways to live your life. One is as though… Continue reading Everything is a Miracle

Becoming a Mother Inspite of Myself

Thirty odd years ago, I never could have imagined myself as a mother. I was a 23-year old student at the University of Regina on the Canadian prairies. Having just graduated with an Honours Degree in English Literature, I considered continuing my studies as a graduate student. In fact, I didn’t foresee any changes to…… Continue reading Becoming a Mother Inspite of Myself

Honorific: To The Courage of My Newborn Granddaughter

Daily Prompt: Honorific. October 16th is officially declared “Person X Day” — and you get to pick Person X. Tell us about someone who deserves to be commemorated. When I read this daily prompt, the first person to pop into my head was my five-week old old granddaughter, not some famous person who has accomplished great deeds.…… Continue reading Honorific: To The Courage of My Newborn Granddaughter

Bonding Before Birth

An unborn child hears and reacts emotionally , not only to his parents but also to all the other people and activity whirling around him. Prenatal babies have personalities before they are born. As any mother can tell you, some babies move around energetically both in and out of the womb, while other infants are…… Continue reading Bonding Before Birth

The Dreaded C Word: Colic

Colic is a word that strikes fear in the heart of the strongest, toughest man, reducing him to a helpless nervous wreck. Even a casual visitor will never forget a tiny baby’s heart-wrenching wails of pain. Colic kicks in when your placid, sleeping newborn morphs into a tyrannical monster at about two to three weeks…… Continue reading The Dreaded C Word: Colic

Baby Whisperers

It is not hard to become a baby whisperer. Read all the books and then close them with a resounding slam. Now you  are ready to learn how to be the expert on your unique infant. Most importantly you must understand that you have motherly/ fatherly instincts in the very fiber of your heart and soul if you…… Continue reading Baby Whisperers

Babies Are Not Idiots But Rather They are Complex Little PEOPLE

  Newborn babies are complex little people who see, hear, touch, communicate, receive information and who above all, remember.  We already know that  if we love an unborn baby while he is still in the womb and nurture him, he is happier and calmer after birth because  this period of formation is not just physical, it is also…… Continue reading Babies Are Not Idiots But Rather They are Complex Little PEOPLE