Ta-Da! Two More Awards

Once again these awards come from a generous friend, Michael. Find  Michael at Welcome to Michael Monday’s blog. Add the ABC logo to your blog. (You can find the logo above, I just copied and pasted it from my nomination.) ABC about yourself using one word or phrase. Nominate however many blogs you wish. Let the recipient…… Continue reading Ta-Da! Two More Awards

Blog Awards Straight From the Heart

I have just received a wonderful gift from a fellow blogger and I simply must pass on my joy before I post  a few other blogging awards. Introducing the innovative and creative- Fantabulous and Awesome Blossom Awards  Straight from the heart and mind of Bally Bin, author of  The Good, Bad and Ludicrous Examining the Ordinary and Extraordinary…… Continue reading Blog Awards Straight From the Heart

8 Awards in Three Days?: Let’s Break the Rules!

I do not want to insult anyone or minimize the honour other bloggers have showered upon me but I simply CANNOT COME UP WITH ABOUT 80 UNIQUE, HUMOUROUS OR INTERESTING FACTS ABOUT MYSELF. In fact, readers have heard me talk about myself ad nauseam. I am trying for a puke green shade to stress my point.  I…… Continue reading 8 Awards in Three Days?: Let’s Break the Rules!