No Jet Plane For Me?

Our journey through life can be compared to a desert scene. We are in the airport waiting for a jet plane to fly us to our oasis but a plane never seems to land for us. Meanwhile, there is a camel tied to the fence, with our name on it, waiting to take us across…… Continue reading No Jet Plane For Me?

Friendship Friday: Cracked Pots

 A story for creative people. Are you considered inefficient, even bumbling by modern society? You might be a cracked pot but your flaws just might be the source of your creativity. An  idealistic young man, Mark, traveled a great distance to find a well-known holy man to mentor him. Although this elder, Fr. Simon, was a confirmed… Continue reading Friendship Friday: Cracked Pots

A Parable About a Frog

I like the idea of Inspiration Monday. Monday’s often get the short end of the stick But they are fraught with potential! Judy Palmer   Throw a frog into a Pot of boiling water;   He will jump right out.   Throw a frog into a Pot of cold water, Slowly raise the heat; Even unto…… Continue reading A Parable About a Frog