Daisy,Our High Maintenance Goat

Daisy entertained us with her antics even more than our traditional pets.For over two decades, we lived on a hobby farm surrounded by nine kids, wild animals, farm livestock as well as traditional pets. Kids need to relate to animals to grow up into well-balance, caring adults who can relate and feel connected to the…… Continue reading Daisy,Our High Maintenance Goat

Well-Loved Animals

Michael and I love animals almost as much as we love kids. That love has been a powerful source of energy that has transformed animals and children into confidant, intelligent beings with strong, unique personalities. We believe that kids need to relate to animals to grow up into well balance, caring adults who can relate and…… Continue reading Well-Loved Animals

My Dog is Brilliant Enough to Act Dumb

Labs are trained as guide dogs because they understand complex commands and can remember up to one hundred and fifty of them. I could complain  for this entire post about my still not trained chocolate lab who is brilliant enough to act stupid when it suits him. However I will limit myself to two antidotes and then I will astound you with his gardening skills.…… Continue reading My Dog is Brilliant Enough to Act Dumb

Menagerie: Surrounded

The Daily prompt today is Menagerie. Do you have animals in your life? If yes, what do they mean to you? Animals? You want to know what animals mean to us? Well that question is an understatement on our hobby farm because we are surrounded by pets, farm and wild animals as well as nine kids all the time. Just try…… Continue reading Menagerie: Surrounded

The Most Loveable, Annoying Pet

Shadow was a slobbery, drooling dog, a big black lab mix with overgrown feet and an overgrown personality. An integral part of my children’s lives for 13 years. he was the most quirky, amusing and utterly annoying pet we have ever owned. I can only list of his odd and utterly hilarious behaviour because it would take a n…… Continue reading The Most Loveable, Annoying Pet

Iggy , The Fearless Cat Chasing Rabbit.

Iggy , Rachel’s fearless Rabbit. Iggy was full of joy when we first brought her home and let her out of her cage. She ran laps around the entire house jumping and twisting in the air every few minutes. Apparently rabbits twist in the air when they are extremely happy. Unbelievable as it sounds, Iggy was…… Continue reading Iggy , The Fearless Cat Chasing Rabbit.

Iggy The Rabbit Was An Enigma

Our family is pretty inclusive and open. There is always enough room and food for one more person or animal.I can’t really offer a rational explanation for the bizarre behaviour of our animals,though. Just like our kids, our animals get along for the most part; they have lots of personality and they show unique characteristics.…… Continue reading Iggy The Rabbit Was An Enigma