Art that Speaks to Me

Daily Prompt: The Artist’s Eye Is there a painting or sculpture you’re drawn to? What does it say to you? Describe the experience. (Or, if art doesn’t speak to you, tell us why.) I love paintings where the eyes have depth, emotions because they draw me in then engage me. It is almost as if a…… Continue reading Art that Speaks to Me

Living a Shadow Life

The worst possible fate for me would be to die and discover that I had lived an existence similar to the allegory described in Plato’s Cave. Plato describes man’s condition as similar to living chained in a cave, looking at shadows on the wall cast from a candle; believing that was what life was all…… Continue reading Living a Shadow Life

A Miracle at Our House

Credit: Sometimes there is no other explantion Some people scoff, others think that miracles are relegated to biblical times but others have experienced inexplicable events that can only be called miraculous. Sometimes God snags a sceptic with a powerful surprise physical healing. This blows up the poor guys world view and suddenly he realizes…… Continue reading A Miracle at Our House

‘Tis a Gift to be Simple

The Shakers danced, either with their arms bent and hands held palm up or clasped in prayer near their hearts. They danced in straight lines, women on one side of the large meeting room facing the men standing in rows on the other side. Several Shaker manuscripts show that Simple Gifts is a Dancing Song or a Quick Dance. In fact the word turning in the…… Continue reading ‘Tis a Gift to be Simple

Finding My Way Back to Writing

Outwardly, my life is diametrically opposed  to anything I could have imagined as a teenager. Yet this strange life I find myself living has brought me more fulfilment and joy than I ever could have imagined. At sixteen, I was still an avid reader, who loved school.   As  expected, I completed an Honours Degree in English Literature. By 23,…… Continue reading Finding My Way Back to Writing

Make-up and Little Girls

children are not self-conscious “Well”, my mom asked with pride, “Would you like to see what you look like now?”” One visit from Grandma Jean and Grandpa Ron occurred when Jean and Ruth were about four and five years old. Grandma apply a touch of make-up each morning and my little girls were fascinated because…… Continue reading Make-up and Little Girls