Angry Comments

At BlogHer, a site I have been posting on daily since last November, NaBloPoMo is focusing on commenting for June. I usually ignore writing prompts but this month the topic is challenging, prodding me to think and write about stuff I usually snuff off. I was to formulate some sort of commenting guidelines today, however,… Continue reading Angry Comments

Inspired by a Pregnant Mary

┬áIn Greenbush, the snow is falling straight down in huge flakes, coating each branch and twig with a thick coating of snow. The snow literally absorbs sound waves and the effect is a quiet, peaceful, pure white oasis. In the middle of this deep silence, the thought popped into my mind that it is also…… Continue reading Inspired by a Pregnant Mary

The Church Bell Rang 26 Times

  This morning at 9:30 in the country to the south of us, people honoured the children and their teachers who were slaughtered at this same time a week ago with a moment of silence. In Sandy Hook, U.S.A., the a church bell rang out 26 times, one toll for each of the victims. It…… Continue reading The Church Bell Rang 26 Times