If only adults could apply lessons learned when they were still preschoolers, our world would be a better place. Think about the basic lessons we teach our little ones so  the family runs smoothly. share listen to others respectfully pick up after yourself wait for your turn you can’t always get your own way sometimes…… Continue reading If…

A Parable About a Frog

I like the idea of Inspiration Monday. Monday’s often get the short end of the stick But they are fraught with potential! Judy Palmer   Throw a frog into a Pot of boiling water;   He will jump right out.   Throw a frog into a Pot of cold water, Slowly raise the heat; Even unto…… Continue reading A Parable About a Frog

So how Is YOUR Mental Health? Eh?

art by Darin Hammond Let’s shake ourselves out of the dark ages and realize that one in four of our neigbours, friends and relatives are suffering as you read this. In fact if three of your closest friends and relatives seem fine,  you’re probably the one who needs help! Most people go to their G.P. for…… Continue reading So how Is YOUR Mental Health? Eh?

Why Did You Have So Many Kids?

my oldest daughter is ducking behind her dad and I am pregnant with our ninth child   When the words The Joy Of Mothering popped into my head as a title for my short stories it was like an epiphany for me because those few words verbalized my experience living with little people. The very existence…… Continue reading Why Did You Have So Many Kids?