“I’m Bored!”

When your kids announce that they are bored, how do you respond? Do you rush to fix this horrible state of affairs? Well boredom is not a disease that needs cured. All children need free time, even boring time, to discover who they are, what they are good at and what they enjoy. Provide them…… Continue reading “I’m Bored!”

Art that Speaks to Me

Daily Prompt: The Artist’s Eye Is there a painting or sculpture you’re drawn to? What does it say to you? Describe the experience. (Or, if art doesn’t speak to you, tell us why.) I love paintings where the eyes have depth, emotions because they draw me in then engage me. It is almost as if a…… Continue reading Art that Speaks to Me

Introducing a Talented Artist: Yun Yi

“It is my belief that art (not include practical art, such as design)          should not be a profession, but a hobby — a pure personal enjoyment.” Yun Yi Yun Yi’s studio, Mei Studio, is a private art studio that offers comprehensive art training and education for both young and adult students. The…… Continue reading Introducing a Talented Artist: Yun Yi