D.P: Think Global, Act Local/ Everything We Do Is Connected

ripplesEvery personal act is always connected to the global community because every action is like a pebble thrown into a lake. The stone not only increases the volume of the lake, albeit a tiny amount, it also sends out strong, visible ripples that quickly spread out into ever-increasing wider circles.

“It is from numberless diverse acts of courage and belief that human history is shaped. Each time a man stands up for an ideal, or acts to improve the lot of others, or strikes out against injustice, he sends forth a tiny ripple of hope.”

-Robert Francis Kennedy

The state of the global community cannot be blamed on others because  society is not some vague, esoteric entity that cannot be changed. Real, living, breathing people make up society. They can decide to affect humanity by loving each other as much as they love themselves. Each personal act of kindness affects all of humanity just as each act of violence weakens the fabric of society and strikes at the core of each man, woman and child.

10 thoughts on “D.P: Think Global, Act Local/ Everything We Do Is Connected

    1. “A rich person is not one who has the most,
      but is one who needs the least.”

      We were cash poor. so moved out into the country, albeit renting, we raised animals- pigs,cow,chickens, egg layers, had a garden with 75′ rows that we ate, sold, traded, bartared with and gave away to the people who gave to us. My kids were raised more like a few generations ago but now THEY all have very well paying jobs. My ceiling is their floor. I might have had too many kids but it was my vocation and witness to the blessings and goodness of God and those around us.


  1. Dear Mum of nine,
    your are inspiring in many ways. In today’s world, giving the gift of time to your children is a true gift of love. Also, i realise that many social and environmental world problems can be greatly reduced through modest act at a local level. I always dream of starting a local waste and water reduction community group. I haven’t yet dared to make this dream into reality because i fear that i will not manage to make a living from this. ( I have three children and a dog to look after.) I want to try and make this dream a reality while earning a decent living for my family. Or maybe i should not keep wanting financial security before i risk. . . What do you think?


    1. We have never been secure, financially and help always comes JUST in time . That said, any decision has to be “in the Lord”. A jesuit priest, Fr. Rick Thomas whose ministry is in with the people who live in the dumps of Mexico says, ” If God wants it, God pays for it. If not, YOU pay for it.” I when I manage to listen deep in my spirit, I KNOW.


    2. Russell Deasley
      Wales, UK

      It is my job to make Websites famous!

      I am a SEO/PPC/SM expert. After working for most my life in a factory and finding it very hard to afford to eat let alone live, I decided to change my life.

      I read blogs, books and talked to everyone I could about this “SEO” thing. And after learning all I could I then got a trial job (2002) doing SEO/PPC and the rest for me is history. If I have learned anything in life it’s to always believe in myself, and

      I am a firm believer in people being to do whatever they like in life.


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