A Famous Failure

Jeepers!  I am a Canadian , yet in less than four days I find myself featuring an American President. Well Americans do like to toot their own horns but in the case of Washington and today Abraham Lincoln, I must reluctantly admit that they were wise men. After so many losses, who would have thought, in 1858, that Lincoln even had a hope in H—- of becoming President a mere two years later. Even more astonishing was that Honest Abe was so effective and dangerous to those opposing unity that he was assassinated and after honoured in perpetuity.                                         


 It is all about Patience, Perseverance and Purpose, a PPP PLAN.


16 thoughts on “A Famous Failure

  1. Thanks for this – fear of failure is something I struggle with, to the point that it sometimes paralyses me and makes me put things off to the last minute!

    So this a wonderful reminder of the fact that it’s okay to fail – since life is just a path with ups and downs! Really – you have no idea what great timing this post had for me (am in the middle of exams!)


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