Raising children is not a default chore for women who were unsuccessful in the

world of power and wealth, politics or business.


not me, but could be


I write quirky, slice-of-liife stories and articles that are humorous and heart warming, thoughtful and thought provoking.

I was born an old soul, so my mother tells me; I have always loved books, gardening, writing and painting. On the road to a Master’s Degree in English Literature, I had not yet considered marriage before I met my future husband nor even held a baby before my first. I was destined to have nine children.




Most people  expect me to look like a haggard, worn out bag of regret and unfulfilled dreams. Society in general is baffled to learn that I discovered freedom and joy precisely as a mother. People look at me, their eyebrows shoot up, their mouths drop open and they sputter,

”YOU had 9 children??

1873441-1359057608.jpgThis is because I am 5’ 1” and weigh 104 lbs. I was pregnant or nursing for 17 years without a break. I have been pregnant 10 times and I am healthy, happy and  have my BBB back. (That would be my Before Babies Body).  The typical image of a multipara women would be a robust, grim, battle­axe of a mother, efficiently marshaling her young charges with little time to coddle or love the poor, deprived dears.

My husband and I raised 9 children on a hobby farm and discovered fulfilment and joy. When the words The Joy Of Mothering on a Hobby Farm popped into my head as a subtitle for my short stories it was like an epiphany for me because those few words verbalized my experience living with little people.





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  2. Let’s try that again :) Awesome blog! If every parent raised their children to feel good about themselves we would be living on an entirely different planet and it takes joyful, loving parents to accomplish this :)


  3. What a beautiful family. And by the way, I would look at you with eyebrows up and mouth dropped open over having 9 kids even if you were 6 feet tall. I can hardly handle my two. :)


  4. Like my mother who also had nine children you will stay forever young, because you keep up with what your children are doing and now that my mum is in her late seventies she is never short of a visitor or two to keep her company and she still smiles everyday and counts her blessings


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  6. Oh wow, what a beautiful family you have! I spent my last uni vacation researching and recording my family history from my three living grandparents and I felt so overwhelmed by the people in my life! All the grand aunts, uncles and extended family that I haven’t known about because the family has dispersed over the years! My grandpa was one of 7 children and the happiest part of my research process was discovering family photos with everyone in them!

    Thank you for sharing your story and your kids are so lucky! Also, as a person who grew up in the city, I have to say the idea of growing up a farm sounds pretty wonderful to me! Bookmarking your site (:


  7. This is really amazing. Hats of to the fact that you still have your sense of humour with 9 kids. There were only three of us and we drove our mother crazy. Keep up the great work. You really are an inspiration.


  8. Hi Melanie! You have a wonderful blog and I so enjoy reading it. Although I do not have children of my own, God has given me a big heart for children. Also, one of my dear friends from college is one of 17 naturally-born kids (all full siblings); plus, she has six children of her own. So I’ve nominated you for the Reality Blog Award. I hope that more people will find your blog from the link on mine so they can enjoy it too. You can check out the award at http://elizabethrosemysteries.com/awards/. Thanks for all your wonderful posts!!


  9. Glad to see the award has made so many rounds, my ego sort of disappointed when I read this line at one of spots it landed…

    “https://themotherofnine9.wordpress.com made this award, can you all please say this when blogging this to your followers? The woman deserves the praise!!! ”

    But, because it was a no strings attached award, I guess I must swallow my ego and say thanks for passing it on to so many who appreciated it!


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  11. I was the youngest of ten children and would never change anything in my childhood. A large family to me is more people to love me but more important is more people for me to love.
    Your blog is beautiful


  12. Hi/Bonjour Mélanie! :-) I’m Mélanie from Toulouse, France! Glad to have come across your amazing blog… I have only 2 “old babies”(LOL!) and I’d like to congratulate you: bravo, chère Mélanie! :-) My very best and tons of inspiration, cheers! :-)


  13. I have nominated your blog for the “Super Sweet Blogger Award.” I hope you will accept because it is given in recognition for your
    excellent work. Please visit my post to view the rules and responsibilities for accepting. Keep up your excellent blogging!


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  15. I’ve nominated you for the THE LOYAL READER AND WONDERFUL TEAM MEMBERSHIP AWARDS!!! thank you for your continued support of my blog. It’s greatly appreciated. Check out my blog to claim your badges.


  16. I have been pregnant 4 times and have 3 children. My oldest has 4 children. My #2 has one stepdaughter, my #3 has a stepson and a baby due in Jan so I’m heading to 7 G’chillun…*sigh* They are ever so much more fun as I feed them sugar and send ’em home!!
    (paybacks are FUN!!)


  17. Hi, I follow Shaun on WP I have seen you on CK Hopes site, thought I’d pop over for a peek. 9 kids – AMAZING! I have 2 that are now adults and still go spare! I’m from Australia. Please to meet you :-)


  18. Please accept these 3 Awards.
    Best Moments Award
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    I hope you can accept these 3 Awards, just show all 3, and give
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    Thank you!!


  19. Nine is a good number–the hour of prayer. (“He saw in a vision evidently about the ninth hour of the day an angel of God coming in to him, and saying unto him, Cornelius” Acts 10: 3 KJV). Raising nine children is quite an accomplishment. I suspect you prayed a lot (grin). I’m enjoying your blog. Blessings!


  20. Thanks for introducing me to new terminology. Before today, I’d never heard of a hobby farm. I had to look it up. Silly me, I live on one. Pigs, cows, and goats. Namely cows, but we’ve just started on pigs and goats. 80 aches and we do our own gardening.

    Couldn’t see raising my children anywhere else.

    Sometimes I feel like I had two children too many, other times I feel like I should have ten more. More is still up for debate. My wife and I have not had much luck with the subject. She is pre-eclamptic. First pregnancy, she miscarried at 6 weeks. I thought that was pretty rough. But I’ve found I never looked at my wife quite the same after the day we lost Logan at nearly 6 months along. Every time I think about it, it reminds me never to take her or my kids for granted.


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  23. I’ve loved your blog from the first. I’m also used to large families! I’ve nominated you for the ‘Lovely Blog’ award. I should have the post up either tonight or tomorrow.


  24. Dear friend, Thank you very much, I was really happy to have been following your blog. I’m still a lot to figure out, and here I can only say that you are an awesome blogger, full Inspiring and hope you can inspire more readers. Thanks and greetings compassion from Gede Prama :)


  25. Maybe it will happen to my youngest daughter, who will spend the next year or two preparing to enter grad school for American History. She says she will never get married, and will never have children. I say, okay. Go for your dreams. (She wants to be a professor). But don’t close the door entirely. You never know what might happen. I hope she does become a professor. But children might one day be in her future.


  26. to be a mother of nine is something to be proud of, I am currently pregnant with my fourth child and I don’t like to hear this non-sense opinions of other people suggesting me to take birth-control pills after I gave birth, which is so annoying , I love being a mom and it is something others cant do having children that would love you and be with you is the best purpose in life…


  27. Hi,
    I really like your blog about family! Myself I am a father of two and truly believe in the importance of early childhood development. Most of all having the best parenting experience will foster kids with great upbringing and memories. However, this is NOT always the case as we all know. Not every parent knows how to be one, or to find the best way to raise children successfully and harmoniously.
    Hence I decided to develop StarZappy – The Ultimate Parenting App That Kids Love! This app is a tool that will guide parents through nurturing their child’s development, while instilling the right habits, principles and practices without the child knowing! How? Well they will love the app as their own, have the desire to achieve resulting in self-motivation. There’s a difference between rewards and bribes.
    So if you feel that we should invest in our children of today to build a better tomorrow! Help support me in bringing harmony to homes around the world by sharing my campaign to make this a reality!
    At the same time, I would like to share some of your thoughts in my social media so parents out there can gain an insight into your experience and discoveries. Let’s all come together to make a better place.

    Thanks for listening!

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  28. This is wonderful, says me mother of seven, when I had my seven, it was a taboo subject in UK, but nine that is amazing. Lovely family, go forth and multiply that Lord did say :)


  29. You are an amazing woman. I am glad I found you here. It is refreshing to read someone who embraces motherhood as a calling and not a burden. Yes, motherhood can always be challenging; yet, I believe the joys and blessings outweigh the fear, doubts and overwhelming moments. Thanks for being an encouragement to me. :) God bless.

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