A Crocheted Mini Doll House

I had a lot of fun creating a crocheted mouse house or doll house last week. It was so easy to make and I used scrap yarn. The shape is similar to an igloo created by inserting a rigid piece of plastic canvas into a crocheted sleeve and bending it into a doom shape with a flat floor.


The first version was 6″ long and only 6″ high.  However, when I made a tiny mouse and little girl for my house, the roof was too low for the bunk beds. So, I took out one seam and lengthened my side panel to raise the roof to 9″.

This created enough of a gap to crochet an arched window completed by a top lattice and a flower box.

I used pieces of plastic canvas for the base of the bunk bed and the top of the cupboard, The doors open, simply hinged by sewing the doors to the sides


Then, it was obvious my house now had to have a front panel, with a door and window to keep the dolls and dishes inside as well as a convenient handle so little people can cart the mini house around.


Of course, little boys like play houses too, I called this blue house a cottage.



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