Friendship Friday:- Tiffany Stained Glass

Friendship Friday

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 The glass and decorating companies of Louis C. Tiffany. (His father’s Charles created jewelry in new York, called Tiffany, as well)
Tiffany set out to become a painter, training in New York and Paris.  Tiffany exhibited his paintings and watercolours in international exhibitions, where he gained great acclaim.

Then Louis Tiffany discovered glass!!

Tiffany began to integrate glass in many forms in these interiors, including leaded-glass windows and lamps.  With glass, Tiffany was curious to experiment with the colours and brilliance as they changed under natural or artificial light, and he was captivated by the effects that could be captured by craftsmen.  New techniques were honed, using a combination of traditional glass techniques and an original, free approach.

His work is stunning, brilliant often ethereal, always inspiring.

and of course stained glass for churches


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