Canada Day , July 1st: Time to Toot Our Horn Again

As Canada Day celebrates its 147th birthday, I celebrate Canada’s triumphs. Next to the United States we might seem insignificant but remember,  looks are deceiving.

Last year, Maclean’s Magazine published a Canada vs. America issue proclaiming “99 Reasons Why it’s Better to Be Canadian:We’re happier, fitter and richer and our kids are smarter too.” You can read all the statistics in the July 8, 2013 edition of Maclean’s.

Of course I read this issue with glee. I am not competitive in my personal life, choosing to also praise and exhort others, but I have an ingrained, historically rooted compulsion to out rank the powerful country to the south of me. Perhaps it is a David and Goliath syndrome. Here is a list of why I love Canada, a handful of  the stats do come from Maclean’s.

Lyrics O Canada (English version)

I live in south – eastern ontario

O Canada!
Our home and native land!
True patriot love in all thy sons command.

With glowing hearts we see thee rise,
The True North strong and free!

From far and wide,
O Canada, we stand on guard for thee.

God keep our land glorious and free!
O Canada, we stand on guard for thee.

O Canada, we stand on guard for thee.

  1. We are more popular; wearing a maple leaf on your backpack means people treat you well in other countries
  2. We say eh? a word reaching out in agreement and not huh? which just sounds like the speaker is dumb
  3. One square kilometre of land for every three people4 %2841%29
  4. We are funnier- Wayne and Schuster, Lorne Michaels, John Candy, Mike Myers,Jim Carrey, Catherine O’Hara, Seth Rogen Jay Baruchel,Michael Cera….
  5. Our banks are better- 4 of the top ten in the world are Canadian, the top U.s. bank ranked 9th-Citigroup
  6. For our population we break more Guinness world records
  7. Our government does not kill people; capital punishment was abolished in 1776 and no one has been executed since 1961. The States has 3,125 prisoners on death row.
  8. maple syrup
  9. We are more fit. 35.9 Americans are obese and only 24.5 OF Canadians are overweight.
  10. We live longer- an average of 3 years longer than Americans
  11. images (5)Americans always make fun of us because we are polite; we always say. “I’m sorry” but researchers at the University of Waterloo say it is boosts happiness. Apologizing to the police for speeding results in an average drop of $51 in fines
  12. The wilderness — we still have lots of it
  13. Our lobster tastes better
  14. Our roads are safer
  15. Fewer homicides per person and mass murders are rare
  16. Our national animal, the beaver, is industrious and rugged
  17. The salmon run
  18. We lead in quantum computing
  19. Our judges are appointed not voted in
  20. We can read the cereal box and road signs in two different languages
  21. A whole T.V. channel dedicated to politicians bickering
  22. Place Names that come from Aboriginal languages
  23. 320354_771625335672_936945032_nWe have better skiing with more ski trails, longer runs and more snow on Canada’s Whistler Mountain compared to America’s Vail
  24. We dominate hockey; it is Canada’s game
  25. We get more paid holidays. 23% of Americans get no paid time off. ALL Canadian workers get at least 2 weeks paid vacation + 9 paid public holidays
  26. Newfies – I love their accent and sense of humour. They are the salt of the earth
  27. The north is a land of untouched beauty
  28. Driving for miles across the flat prairies. We spotted a farmhouse that was 60 kilometres away!
  29. Easy geography classes: we only have ten provinces and three territories
  30. Excellent education system ; our 15 year-olds score in the top 10 of 65 countries. American kids are #17.
  32. Lots of immigrants — this is the place people from all over the world want to come to!
  33. Our Government apologizes for past mistakes!
  34. We get Visits from the Queen and other Royals
  35. Our corporate taxes are lower
  36. An almost peaceful history
  37. Intelligent population
  38. canada-scenery-582-2When spring comes, we appreciate it
  39. We know how to make good, strong, HOT tea
  40. The weather is a legitimate topic of conversation and we ALWAYS talk about the weather
  41. Toques
  42. Coffee Crisp … Only available in Canada!
  43. Affordable university tuition
  44. Lots of fresh water!
  45. We’re less pushy than some other countries
  46. We let everyone come here, and do their thing. Even if they wouldn’t do the same for us.
  47. Ketchup chips … Only here.
  48. Moose,Elk, Deer
  49. Brown Bears,Polar Bears
  50. So many rivers and lakes- we live in the land of a thousand islands
  51. Great fishing, especially in fly in camps up north
  52. Majestic mountains
  53. Coasts on three oceans
  54. Second largest country in the world
  55. Largest prosperous country in the world
  56. Freedom
  57. Peacekeepers
  58. images (6)Aboriginal people who have fought in all the wars, with an astounding war record
  59. Official recognition of rights of Aboriginal Nations embedded in our national constitution
  60. No one ever won between the French and the English: we just compromised!
  61. Every landscape imaginable, all in one magnificent country
  62. Enormous National Parks
  63. Anne of Green Gables
  64. Lots of hockey rinks, great outdoor skating rinks in almost every village, town and city. We even have one and our population isn’t even posted
  65. Car heaters that plug-in when it’s cold. Even store parking lots provide plug-ins
  66. Icicles- some are 3-4 feet long from our roof
  67. Skating and hot chocolate
  68. Beaver Tails
  69. 224834a50d6cd49cc0b64dd74a46c988The longest skating rink in the world on Ottawa’s canal
  70. Sound of crickets
  71. The sound of Canada Geese flying back from their holiday in the South
  72. We spell colour and neighbourhood the right way
  73. We are proud of our British roots
  74. Northern Lights, or Aurora Borealis
  75. We love to make fun of ourselves
  76. We love to make fun of people who don’t know anything about us, especially Americans
  77. Terry Fox was one of us
  78. Gordon Lightfoot
  79. Lenard Cohen
  80. Arctic Rangers
  81. The change of seasons
  82. Incredible beauty
  83. The tundra
  84. Best opera house in North America is Toronto’s Four seasons Centre built by Jack Diamond who built Mariinsky 11 theatre in St. Petersburg, Russia by invitation of Valery Geriev
  85.  by request – TIM HORTEN’S makes the best coffee

7 thoughts on “Canada Day , July 1st: Time to Toot Our Horn Again

  1. Hi Melanie, I LOVE the US, but have to admit Canada is pretty awesome too! Growing up, I camped from Vancouver across the Canadian Rockies and those desperately flat, never ending middle provinces, (We have them too, and I have to say those flat lands have some great people!) to Ottawa (one of the most beautiful cities I remember) and up through Prince Edward Island. Some of my favorite memories of those trips are the Butchart Gardens in British Columbia, watching some small child and his mother flip flopping back and forth in English and French as we did laundry in one of the local campgrounds, howling for wolves with the local park rangers at Algonquin Provincial Park, the stinging wind whipping off the water at Prince Edward Island, the history and heartbreak of the burning of Halifax, and, of course, Anne of Green Gables and most of the wonderful people of Canada!

    Thank you for posting. 🙂


  2. That was an extremely poorly written and/or edited list. The most glaring error? It’s Tim HORTON’S. And you call yourself Canadian… for shame.


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