Just one More Award

A mere week after posting a widget pronouncing that themotherofnine9 was an award free blog I find that I cannot resist a unique one that I have never seen before. In fact I became teary when I read about this award given to me by Tamarah who writes The Good, Bad and Ludicrous, Tamarah writes a warm, sometimes humourous, sometimes insightful blog that is always intriguing

A New Award

Always Here If you Need Me Award

always here if you need me

This blog award is for those bloggers out there who are especially caring and loyal to their friends. This award is to thank you for being there with me, through good times and bad. And for going above and beyond the call of duty to cheer me up when I was low.

Post a picture of the award somewhere on your blog.
List five things that make you happy.
Choose 5 people to nominate who have been a virtual shoulder to cry on, checked in on you when they knew things were rough, or has always been there for you.
Comment on their blogs to thank them and let them know you nominated you.

Five things that make me happyI have succumbed to the ridiculous and not the sublime

1. discovering the colour tab on WordPress as well as the deep, rich colours of  icons and stained glass pictures 

2. cilantro in quinoa salad with beans and lots of vegetables and an olive oil and balsamic vinegar dressing

3. writing

4.my adult children, grandchildren and husband when we gather for busy, talkative, hilarious dinners.

5. slowly relaxing in the heart of God, especially in my gardens.

 5 people who have been a virtual shoulder to cry on, checked in on me when they knew things were rough, or has always been there for me.

I will  must mentionTamarah even though I can’t nominate her but she is a woman who knows just what to say.

1.  seeker because she because  she is warm, supportive woman who know just what to say.

2.SR and lessonsbyheart but they write  award free blogs  so this is honourary and means I can mention 7 people

3.thehappyhugger always comments and lifts my spirits

4.Minuscule Moments an artistic, talented woman who graciously supports me

5.Wiley Schmidt who passes themselves off as an affectionate, loyal companion…a dog

6busymindthinking she is in pain yet lifts eveyone up with her generous spirit

7. Maarit Suokas at Maarit Suokas-Alanko’s blog– a smart woman who hnours me with her friendly encouragment

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11 thoughts on “Just one More Award

      1. Congratulations to you, Melanie! And let’s also celebrate and accompany the “Always Here If you Need Me” Award musically with SoundEagle’s two musical excerpts entitled:
        I’ll Always Be With You
        I’ll Always Be With You (finale)

        They are both available at the following pages and posts (each one has different comments and responses left by various readers and followers):





        Happy listening, and SoundEagle’ll Always Be WITH You . . . . .


  1. In all of Blogtopia, I could not think of anyone who deserved this award more than you.
    Along with all the others who would have awarded you with this badge, had they seen it first, I salute you! <:)



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