A writing prompt asked about our dreams and nightmares.

At the moment I do not recall any recent nightmares, though a few strange dreams have haunted me for decades. One dream that lingers even in my conscious mind is an image of a city. All the low, square, flat-topped buildings are made out of a yellow/ orange brick without any doors or window. The narrow road between the buildings is paved with the same bricks and there is not a tree, flower, blade of grass and neither are there any people in this scene. It is sunny, warm and silent as I wander up and down the narrow pathways, turning corners and walking slightly uphill but I am completely alone. I am searching for a window, door, person, anything but to no avail.

Try figuring out that scenario.

Deep down I must still long for more interaction, life and contact with nature. Quite odd, given that I lived with nine kids, a husband, a menagerie of animals and in the middle of the country surrounded by gardens, trees, open fields and groves of trees. Most of all I long for a deeper intimacy with God. Just saying these words brings tears to my eyes and an ache in my heart and soul.

Any persistent dreams of your own?

Dreams and nightmares are the window to your core self

Dreams and nightmares are elusive.

Dreams play hide and seek with our rational intellect because they rise up only when our cognitive brain shuts down.

Dreams are one of the languages of the subconscious and our deepest soul but the language is not logical. It is intuitive, creative, and one of the languages of the Spirit, using imagery, symbolism and deep-rooted, strong emotions.

The right brain cannot be understood with our left-brain. We love our left-brained life because we can control and train it with our wills. Our right brain simply laughs at our feeble attempts to rein it in. If we shut out our intuition, creativity and the life of our spirit, it surges up like a volcano at night, when we are sleeping.


11 thoughts on “Dreams

  1. Dreams are so interesting – elusive and symbolic, their meanings inevitably have so much to do with us and what we make of them. But as I was reading this, I was struck that some of what you describe relates to liminal spaces – or the spaces between – the doorways, pathways, etc. I have a pinterest board that is about this – you might want to take a gander if you have a moment. Anyway – that was what struck me immediately. http://www.pinterest.com/ellistea/art-design-liminal-spaces/ Thanks for sharing this – Laura (Zental Floss)


  2. Once, I brought my 18 month old to the cemetery to “show” him to my late grandmother. It was a tough time in my life and I was seeking consolation. I followed my toddling firstborn and simply said, “Hi Grandmom. Here is your grandson.”

    That evening, I had a dream that I was in a high rise building. Everything was perfectly white and corners and doorways were obscure. When I reached her apartment, she opened the door. She was happy and had a beautiful and radiant glow around her face. She looked at me and with joyful tears in her eyes, she said, “Michelle, he is beautiful.”


  3. I generally love dreams. Even nightmares can be interesting. The night before last, though, I drempt of nothing but war. I woke up more tired than when I fell asleep.

    I think that probably has something to do with the fighter jets practicing maneuvers for the air show this weekend over the state park my husband and I were hiking in this week, the ongoing conflicts talked about in the news and the generations of pain war has set on my family.

    We had no idea what they were doing when we heard/saw them, so it really unnerved us. There’s nothing quite like hearing the oncoming roar of high powered engines when you’re on the top of a mountain, with nothing around but wilderness.


  4. I had a dream more than 10 years ago that still speaks to me today. It speaks of churches, culture, and either teaching or writing. I look back and I think the Lord was providing some direction through the dream. Do you think God can guide us that way?


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