Children of the World Through Artist’s Eyes

This is a tiny sample of the some of the beautiful paintings and photos from my Pinterest board called “painting children”. I had to force myself to choose these few images, leaving behind even more moving, funny, or sensitive portrayals of the children of the world. To discover more go to by Greg not Greg

Capturing Vulnerabilty on Canvas

I just discovered a living, young artist, Mary Sauer, who manages to captures the essence of young children. There is a sense of whimsy in some, in others a sense of how delicate and vulnerable little people really are.  Some eyes are open with wonder, others study the world with serious intent. Dr. Seuss, author…… Continue reading Capturing Vulnerabilty on Canvas

Artist Jie-Wei Zhou’s Children: Wistful, Charming, Captivating

Jie-Wei Zhou’s art is amazing not only in its realism but in the deep  yet delicate emotions imbued in every painting.  Zhou is truly a living master artist who was born in China in 1962 and pursued his art education there as well. Having studied Russian and French Impressionism, Jie-Wei developed a high level of skill and…… Continue reading Artist Jie-Wei Zhou’s Children: Wistful, Charming, Captivating

Children Delight in Pets

The Canadian scientist, David Suzuki , believes that all children need to bond with animals and if they haven’t the chance to connect with real animals then they will turn their attention to stuffed or cartoon animals to try to fulfil that inborn desire. He calls it a “grotesque” substitution. I think there is a lot of truth to Suzuki’s idea. Animals are…… Continue reading Children Delight in Pets

Capturing The Wide-Eyed Wonder of Children

Inspire Me Monday with art that captures the wide-eyed wonder and innocence of children. It takes a special artist to paint not just the physical features of a child but their spirit as well because  I believe that the light of God shines brightly in the heart and face of a little person. ..................................................... top… Continue reading Capturing The Wide-Eyed Wonder of Children